About Us

From a humble beginning raised in Compton, California by my Mexican Father and my Mother from Honduras. Times were rough as much as the environment I was brought up in and even though they were, I was fortunate enough to have traveled through out Mexico, Honduras and here in the U.S. With a wide perspective on society I was able to meet people from all walks of life from rich to poor to feared and loved. I was never to fond of the public school system at an early age but found the streets to be a fascinating place. Many talented people of all kinds are found in the streets of the world but unfortunately society has outcasted them for not being of the norm. I personally haven’t felt normal either and I have pushed myself to try and being normal by finishing school and going to college but soon after I found education to be just another dirty business. But I found an even more dirty business industry called the Justice System in which I was entangled in by laws so corrupted and unjust that I was totally appalled by. Even though it has been presented to society as something great for the world it is the absolute opposite. In my almost 6 years of imprisonment I met some of the smartest and brightest people ever. There is no doubt in my mind, heart or spirit that prison is a huge experiment laboratory. I am here today to help those who have been forgotten and abandoned by friends, family and society. As an inspiration to those and proof to ignorant people in society that we are fully capable to overcome every and any situation with enough love of Self. With Self love we can rid ourselves of hate and negativity form and to those who’ve been brainwashed by the justice system making them believe we are not worthy of forgiveness or second chances. Are you willing to give me a and many others like myself a second chance? If so, then you’re already making this world a better place. So let’s stop the judging and start showing love to one another. If you want to show love and support to people like me start by wearing an item and showing unity in the community. Thank you for taking your time to read this. I hope it has made an impact in your heart and mind. 

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